Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Today's Schedule

  • 9 kids - 5 sent to school
  • lots and lots of French toast
  • two pies made before breakfast
  • one trip to Woodbury - I managed to get lost for a good 45 minutes in the Woodbury suburbs. I think the GPS system for the van has moved to the top of the Christmas wish list - above new toilets
  • one trip to Cub foods
  • lunch for 4
  • bake sweet potatoes
  • make 2 more pies to give away
  • fry the bacon for the breakfast casserole

still to come: edited at 12:45am

turkey craft with the children - done
clean two bathrooms - done
clean my room - done, kind of
vacuum the entire house - done
dust - done
make three pies - done, made 4 more
bake one cheesecake - done, cooling right now
make sure the turkey is defrosted - done, may have oozed turkey juice all over the garage floor.
mop the kitchen floor - not done, crap.
make the orange-glazed sweet potatoes - putting it off until tomorrow!

It smells like bacon, sweet potatoes and peanut butter pie in my house - not a bad combination really.

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