Thursday, November 12, 2009

Gratitude Day #11

I really was grateful yesterday, but my computer was slow as molasses - add that to my ever-growing list of things I need to learn to survive in the land of singleness. I can blog, I can find anything on the internet, but I cannot get the photos I took with Kelly's camera three weeks ago onto my computer from a disc. I cannot get my wireless router to work though I have been paying for it since September. I cannot pull more memory for my computer out of thin air. Anyone want to teach a class on these things? I'd sign up.

Wednesday November 11th

1. I am grateful for a couple of kind young men, Marley and Faren who came to my house this morning asking what they could do to help. They spent hours raking and weeding and spreading mulch, hauling heavy bags of salt to the basement to fill the water softener and just generally being very handy. The kids thought it was great fun to have them around and joined them outside to dig in the dirt. Calvin kept finding bulbs and calling them "grass eggs". The kids even joined them for lunch out on the patio in the afternoon. They are very nice, respectful, hard working young men and I am grateful for their examples to my children.

2. I am grateful for playgroup. We were joined at the house today by several other moms and their children. I have been attending playgroup of some sort since Max was born and have found them to be a wonderful resource for the many, many questions I have had while learning to navigate this world of motherhood. Now, I find I appreciate playgroup as a chance for my kids to interact with other children, to form friendships and learn to share and play nicely. I am grateful for playgroup because of the wonderful women I get to talk with while our children play.

3. I am grateful for baby's smiles. Are not those toothless grins the sweetest thing in the entire world? I am grateful for a baby who arrives happy every morning at my house. It is a nice way to start the day.

4. I am grateful for friends who stop by for no reason at night wanting to craft. Deb and I spent and hour or so coming up with new necklace designs. I'll try and take some photos to show you when they are dry.

5. I am grateful for days that are so full that I collapse into bed completely spent at night. When my days make me that tired, sleep comes easily and is usually dream free. This morning, Calvin woke up with my alarm at 6am and came padding into my room for 5 minutes of snuggles before I had to get up. He is so, so sweet and I love those snuggles so much.


  1. Isn't it great how the things we are most grateful for always surround our loved ones.

  2. excuse the intrusion. i'm following a recommended read request from my gf's blog and i know that grown young man in the white, marley. you are very talented. i'm grateful i took my gf's advice and checked out your uplifting blog.

  3. Welcome Jilleesa! Marley is not only very helpful in the yard, he is my son's primary teacher. He has a beautiful, warm family. Thank you for your kind words.