Monday, November 16, 2009

Gratitude Day #16

1. I am thankful for a handsome young son who wore his first real tie to church yesterday. Yes, it did take me a couple of tries to get it on right. He looked so very mature and reminded me how quickly he is leaving childhood behind. I am grateful for this season of my children's lives; they are such fun and interesting little people right now!

2. I am grateful for eggnog. I love the stuff and it makes me happy when it is back in the stores for the season. I buy the light version, but it still cannot really good for me to drink it as much as I do. Resolution: drink less eggnog; move more. When exactly do single women with young children find the time to exercise?

3. I am grateful for YouTube. We have not had any TV channels in our house for a couple of years. We only have one 12 year old television in the house that you have to physically approach and push the buttons on the TV to adjust the channel or the sound. It will never be replaced until it dies. We still watch VHS and DVD movies, but no TV. I am grateful for the little clips of So You Think You Can Dance, Ace of Cakes or Britain's Got Talent (the American version makes me believe that we do not in fact have talent in the US) or The World Strictest Parents Utah episode that my sister told me about. I do not really miss television at all because there is just no time to watch it. A 10 minute clip on You Tube is all that I can fit in my life right now so thank you You Tube!

4. I am grateful for organization. I am happier when the things around me are organized but most of the time, my life is anything but tidy. Last night, I went to bed happy because the kitchen was clean, the family room was clean and dusted, four loads of laundry were done and folded (not put away, but whatever) the hall closet was organized and the floor was mopped and the living room carpet had been steamed cleaned. Isn't it funny what we consider an accomplishment as a stay at home mom?! Tonight Sophie and I spent hours organizing her bedroom. Her room is tiny and she stores about 500 books in there. It is hard work to keep a house clean and organized - especially if there are young children around! I am grateful to have a home which stores the things we treasure. As Sophie and I sorted through her books, we talked about how blessed she is to have so many books of her very own (99% of which come form garage sales, the very best source for books!).

5. I am grateful that it looks like the mice are not laughing now! I could see bites taken out of the poison in the storage room a couple of days ago and for the last two nights we have set out sticky traps (thank you Heidi!) baited with peanut butter with zero luck. I think they are dead. Where are their little corpses? That question may keep me up at night - yuck.

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  1. Miriam Feldstein CaseNovember 18, 2009 at 12:43 AM

    Max looks so handsome!