Tuesday, November 10, 2009

#@!!*#% Mice!

The rodents are laughing at me this morning. I made Sophie check the traps because she is braver than me. All four traps had been licked clean and not one had sprung. Did I set them wrong? Are the mice smarter than me?

I have some poison tablets that I can set high up in the insulation in the storage room where I think they accessed the house. The question is, if they eat the poison and die in my house am I going to run across a mouse corpse one day? Would I have a heart attack if that happened? Yes.


  1. They go outside to find water and die out there. That's what I was always told.

  2. arrrgg!! I got the traps where you can't see the mouse, I am too scared of the other ones....although I haven't caught one yet....

  3. We had a mouse problem in Nephi when someone built on the field next door, and set the glue board traps with peanut butter on them. Works like a charm! They would be caught within HOURS of setting the traps. Only problem is how to dispose of them once they are on the board... (we used gloves, picked up the glue board with the mouse on it with a clamping arm thingy, and dropped it in the garbage). YUCK! Good luck!

  4. My two cats take care of our unfortunate mice. They don't bother to eat them, so I do find bodies. I make my husband dispose of them.
    I met your friend, April, on Sunday. She is very nice!

  5. i feel for you. i'm the person who always carries spiders outside instead of killing them, but i don't do mice. keep sending sophie in. just kill the bastards anyway that you can think of - my dad one time shot a mouse that was in our house. hopefully, you will find a more civilized (or at least not so blaringly red-neck) way of disposing of them.

    love, love, love your new headbands. i'll be sending you a check after payday on friday with an order. your comment about susan and you talking about losing weight while on line at bakery made me love you even more.

    miriam - i enjoyed meeting you as well!