Sunday, November 8, 2009

Gratitude Day #8

1. I am grateful for the primary children who have worked so hard this year on their primary songs. The primary program is next Sunday and I am so very ready to sing something new!
2. I am grateful for a sweet little 5 year old boy who said the prayer and scripture in primary today and was so very proud of himself. It was pretty darn adorable. He had all of the kids cracking up which was not supposed to be the goal.
3. I am grateful to have my helpful kids back again! The three kids helped me clean out the car, pick up the garage and clean and vacuum the first floor of the house today. I have great kids.
4. I am grateful for the still warm weather - I am hoping to get to the zoo tomorrow.
5. I am grateful for the electric mattress cover which I turn on as I get ready for bed. It is an essential item for the long MN winter - especially now that I sleep alone. Alone until Calvin sneaks in that is.

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