Monday, November 23, 2009

Gratitude Day #22

1. I am grateful for a Sunday morning without children which allowed me to curl my hair for the first time in years.

2. I am grateful for really good, well prepared Sunday talks in church. I am grateful that I have gotten to a point where talks on trials do not make me cry anymore.

3. I am grateful for a sweet 5 year old who gave a talk in primary. His topic: I can prepare now to become a good Father some day. Let's just all take a moment and think about that. Yes, it was kind of difficult to write a talk on that subject yet uncomfortable situations like that are just going to happen - especially in the church where these is so much emphasis (and rightly so) on the importance of families. I certainly want Calvin to be a good Father someday. We sat down together and talked about some of the things a Father should do and here is a copy of his talk. Calvin delivered it in his typical put your mouth onto the microphone fashion - he was pretty pleased with himself.

We are all a part of a family. Families are the most important part of God’s plan. In our families we learn and grow, are protected and feel loved. I want to have a family of my own someday. I want to be a good Father and I can start right now to learn how.

I can learn to pray and read the scriptures in order to receive guidance for myself and my family. I can learn to be a good example. I can learn to be humble and to ask for help when I am in need.

I can learn to share, not only my things, but my time and my talents. I can learn to serve others.

I can learn to be helpful as a Father. I can learn to fix things and how to cook and clean.

I can learn to show my family how much I love them by spending time with them and always putting them before my own wants.

I can learn as much as I can through school and reading so I can find a good job to support my family. I can learn the value of hard work. I can learn as much as I can so one day I can help my own children with their homework.

I can learn how to save money and how to budget so that my family is always safe and secure. I can learn to be grateful for what I have.

I can learn to show love and respect. I can practice telling my family how much I love them. I can learn how to listen.

I can learn to say I am sorry when I do things that hurt those around me.

I can learn to be honest.

Most important of all, I can learn that the family is sacred. I can learn that there is nothing I will do in my life that will be as important as being a good Father.

I love my family and I hope to be a Dad someday. More than that, I hope to be a good Father.

In the name of Jesus Christ, Amen.

4. I am grateful for Max. He had a ton of homework this weekend and spent several hours on Sunday working in the kitchen, at choir and later upstairs on the computer right up until bedtime. He asks me questions every day that I cannot answer. I wish I could. I feel like I am missing out on a lot of teaching opportunities simply because I do not have the math/science background to help him. Maybe I need to go back to school just to keep up with him!

5. I am grateful for this coming week. The children are just giddy with the excitement of their cousins coming into town. I am spending Monday planning the menu and cooking schedule and doing some Christmas shopping to send back with the cousins. I think I need more plates. The kids sat on my bed last night and put in their orders for Thanksgiving pies. Max wants my chocolate cream pie and my peanut butter pie. Sophie wants pumpkin and Calvin wants apple and lemon. We'll see what we can do!


  1. remember the best dads are taught by strong loving mothers.

  2. Miriam Feldstein CaseNovember 25, 2009 at 2:24 AM

    Thank you for sharing Calvin's talk. It was great!