Thursday, November 19, 2009

Gratitude Day #19

Thursday, November 19

1. I am grateful for good days. Today was really busy, but it was a good day. My interview went well, the kids got their rooms cleaned and vacuumed, I handled 11 kids with one turkey craft and a pilgrim hat treat, only one child splashed in the toilet when the older boys left the door open, the party tomorrow night is coming together thanks to the help of lot of talented women, I made several new pins to put in my non-existent Etsy shop, and I am almost up to date on some daycare paperwork. It was a good day.

2. I am grateful and yet repulsed by the fact that we caught another mouse in the storage room. Sophie found it tonight and it is still there. I wonder how early the neighbors wake up? My kids are with their Dad this weekend which means no one will be checking the traps for several days. *shiver* How can I figure out how they are getting into the house without paying someone?

3. I am grateful for clean sheets. I love the feeling of slipping into soft, clean sheets. If I were a pampered lady, I would insist upon clean sheets every night.

4. I am grateful for good health. I had three little children here today with runny noses. Please, please, please stay healthy everyone!

5. I am grateful for Thanksgiving. Are you thinking about your menu yet? I always like to try at least one new recipe every year. I need to start writing down everything I want to make and then see what I can do ahead of time. Usually I spend the day before making pies. I love the smell of Thanksgiving. I love the idea of slowing down and recognizing all that we have before barging into the gimme mentality of December. Does anyone want to share a favorite Thanksgiving recipe?


  1. I am grateful for clean sheets too. They try to cut down on laundry at the hospital by saying not to change the sheets every day if it isn't necessary, however I firmly believe it is a necessity! I too wish I could have clean sheets on my bed every night, but sadly that does not seem to happen.

    Have fun at your party tonight! My mom went to her New Moon party last night and it sounded like so much fun! It was at her friends house and they had a chocolate fountain with white chocolate that was died red! And every piece of decoration in her home was switched out for something Twilight related, and her home was filled with white twinkling lights everywhere. It sounded so cool! She'll have to tell you more about it sometime. You would've loved it.
    I haven't read the books in a while. David borrowed all of mine last year and he's reading New Moon right now, so I guess I don't have the option to reread it before going to see it.
    Isaac came home from work one day and told me that someone said that Edward was hardly in this movie and I had to tell him of course he wouldn't be! Isaac hasn't read any of them though, so he doesn't know. Let us know how you like the movie. Have a great time tonight!

  2. you have time to have a non-existent etsy shop? that's still more than some people think about doing in a day. i am grateful for thanksgiving too. i hear you are one mean baker. if you have any recipes for desserts i could copy, i sure would appreciate it. i take recipes off the internet and try them the way they printed and i'm sure it shouldn't taste bad, but they do.