Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Gratitude Day 4

Wednesday November 4

1. I am grateful for a 9 year old boy who picks up litter on his walk home from school.
2. I am grateful for a little five year old boy who looked at me with sleepy eyes this morning and said "I don't think I gave you enough snuggles last night" and then invited me to crawl back into bed for five minutes more - which I did.
3. I am grateful for pumpkin granola from Trader Joe's - it makes for a happy breakfast.
4. I am grateful for the scouting program at church. It is a blessing to have the experience and the leaders in Max's life. Max could use a scouting mentor who would like to teach him how to build birdhouses, fix bikes and repair a leaky faucet. I wish we lived closer to my Dad.
5. I am grateful for a baby who slept through a trip to Target, a stop at playgroup and a trip to the grocery store. It made running errands with three little ones just that much simpler this morning.


  1. I think this is a great idea!
    What ward does your friend April Hinckley attend? I will be in CT, on Sunday, and would like to meet her.

  2. I have no idea what ward Ape is in?! I'll have to go over to facebook and ask her!

  3. hi, miriam. i'm in the manchester ward and our church starts at 1 pm. the church is located at 30 woodside st in manchester. i'll see if still have your email and i can give you my number.


    p.s. stace - did a whole years worth of this years ago - maybe 10 yrs.? now whenever i sporadically write in my journal, i find i have to list five things. it's a good thing. even when it seems like a crummy day, i can still list some things to be grateful for.