Sunday, November 22, 2009

Gratitude Day #21

1. I am grateful for a full day of organizing and cleaning. I needed it, the house needed it and I really could use a week of it.

2. I am grateful for leftovers. I munched on Pardon My French tartes (wood fired white pizzas) and quiches all day. They were just as good today as they were at the party. Don't call them pizzas in front of the French owners though "Zees are not zee peeezzas! Zees are zee tartes!"

3. I am grateful for people stopping by. It makes weekends without my children much less lonely. However, after the second person left and it was 1:00pm, I decided perhaps I should take a shower and get out of my flannel green Christmas pajamas.

4. I am thankful for new music from Kelly. The New Moon soundtrack is much more mellow than it's predecessor.

5. I am grateful for new orders. Marsha sold several of my necklaces at the movie theater, I sold several to customers at Pardon my French who kept coming over to see what we were doing, and my pins (like the one of Sophie's hat) are selling well. I have a computer guy coming over on Tuesday so keep your fingers crossed that I can figure out how to download the photos from Kelly's camera and actually open an Etsy shop!

1 comment:

  1. Thanks for making those pins. Instant gifts for teenage female friends at a reasonable prize. It was last minute for me, so I'm glad I was tipped off to get some from you.