Thursday, November 5, 2009


Thursday November 5

1. I am grateful for Paula who stopped by today to show me how to thread my Mother's old sewing machine. I am grateful for her example of the kind of woman I aspire to be.
2. I am grateful for miracles. Tonight I attended a baby shower for tiny little Zac who is still working really hard at growing and breathing in the NICU. Leanne's pregnancy is a miracle. Baby Zac's life is a new miracle every day. You can read about their journey on Donny and Leanne's blog.
3. I am grateful for little girls in polka dot skirts. Sophie looked so cute today and she felt cute which put a big smile on her face. I love that. She asked if she could wear this outfit when her cousin Tristan comes to town because she wants to dance with him. I said yes. She was my date to the baby shower.
4. I am grateful for my home teacher who watched Calvin and Max while Sophie and I went to the shower. I am grateful that Max and Ken played Risk. Max was so happy - he won and was just glowing tonight.
5. I am grateful for this blog. I sometimes get very lonely not having someone to share the funny little things that happen every day. I had someone in my life for over eleven years. Even though he was gone a lot, I made sure to call him daily to tell him about our day, the funny things that kids said or did or with breaking news, and to have that so abruptly end has been very difficult. In a way, this blog has become the adult conversation I need in my life - even if much of the time it is one sided. I am grateful to be able to record on this blog the little things that happen each day to remind me that life is still good and beautiful and worthwhile even when it feels so very hard.


  1. Using your blog, to reach out, is a great idea. You express yourself very well.

  2. I am greatful for your blog too. I am also grateful for that bookclub 2 years ago when you showed us the wonders of the blogging world..I have been hooked ever since!