Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Gratutude Day #10

Tuesday, November 1o

1. I am grateful for the Minnesota Zoo. We have a wonderful zoo not 15 minutes from our house. I took three kids there today and spend several hours enjoying the glorious fall weather. The zoo is so large that one cannot possible see everything in one visit. We have had a membership for years which allows us to go frequently. Our favorite things today? The woodpeckers, wolves and turtles on the Minnesota Trail and the new outdoor play center.

2. I am grateful for book club. Wonderful women, great discussions, endless book recommendations, yummy desserts and adult conversations. I look forward to it every single month.

3. I am grateful for Diet Coke. Don't judge.

4. I am grateful for the last few days of fall where no jacket is necessary. I am grateful that my lawn is still so green. I am grateful that that the kids want to ride their bikes and play ball in the sunny cul-de-sac. Winter will be here soon enough.

5. I am grateful for the soapy smell of freshly showered children.

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