Sunday, November 22, 2009

Repurposed Wool Felt

This is my latest obsession. Wool felt. This summer, I diligently scoured garage sales for 100% wool sweaters. I found enough to fill two big bins and these week I finally pulled them out and started the felting process.

It's pretty simple and most likely you have inadvertently done this already. Put each sweater is a washing bag (otherwise your washing machine will be filled with wool lint and that might to bad things to it's shelf life) and wash on the regular warm cycle. Take them out of the bags, throw them in the dryer on high. You are done. The sweaters will shrink and the fibers will bind tighly together and you have made wool felt.

Before (I had already finished several loads):


You'll want to cut them apart at the seams to start crafting.

And behold, my first craft from my garage sale sweaters. It is a beautiful, soft pin I made for a friend's birthday this week. I love it. Now to find the time to make more . . .

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