Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Name them one by one

I saw this idea on my cousin's blog and loved it. Record five things every day that you are grateful for as we prepare for Thanksgiving. I am going to play catch-up today and hopefully doing this will make me more aware every day of our many, many blessings.

Sunday, November 1
1. I am grateful for dinner with old friends. We have not seen the Ward's in ages, and had a wonderful time catching up at their home in Hudson. I am thankful for the adorable vintage doll crib they gave us. I think I may try and make a little quilt and pillow for it.
2. I am grateful for Sundays. Even though they are still busy and they always involve cleaning for the next week, they are also a time for church, calm and togetherness. Sundays rejuvenate me.
3. I am grateful for a funny little boy who came to me in the afternoon and said "Mom, I am hungry for sugar".
4. I am grateful for healing. We are all on the mend. Lingering coughs and sniffles are all that remain from the bad cold invasion around here.
5. I am grateful for lovely neighbors who cut, trimmed and raked 5 bags full of yard waste from my yard last week while I was sick.

Monday, November 2
1. I am grateful for our local library - we visit there frequently. Today I brought three children who looked at books, played with puzzles and enjoyed the games on the computers. I joke that we rent books from the library and we do pay quite a few overdue book fines, but it is worth it!
2. I am grateful for my sister-in-law and their family who will be driving in from Cincinnati to spend Thanksgiving with us. My children are so very excited for their upcoming visit!
3. I am grateful for my sister Koo, who called tonight just to talk to each of the children about their Halloween.
4. I am grateful to be employed. I am grateful to have the ability to take care of my children.
5. I am grateful for Susan who for no reason at all dropped off a pizza for our dinner today. I have the best friends.

Tuesday, November 3
1. I am grateful for Kelly who took Calvin to the Lego store this afternoon to make a free Lego turkey.
2. I am grateful for the talent my Mother gifted to me by teaching me to cook.
3. I am grateful for a funny little girl who comes home from school every day, turns on the radio full blast and dances for a good half-hour or more with one of the daycare boys. He has become her second favorite dance partner (cousin Tristan still holds the top spot).
4. I am grateful for being busy. It helps me to keep my mind off of the circumstances in my life that make me sad.
5. I am grateful for good schools and for teachers who love my children.

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