Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Gratitude Day #24

1. I am grateful for the manager at Ikea that allowed me to return two broken items when the customer service rep said I could not. Never accept no. It may have helped my cause that Evi and Calvin were chasing each other all over the waiting area and she really, really wanted me to move on. I am grateful for cheap lunches in the Ikea cafeteria. Never, ever get their scrambled excuse for eggs. You will regret it.

2. I am grateful for unexpected gifts at the grocery store. We have the kindest people you will find anywhere in our ward. I am grateful to Marely who entertained Calvin and Evi as I completed my Thanksgiving shopping and then helped me bag my groceries and load them into the car. He is going to make an awesome missionary.

3. I am grateful to home teachers who were at my house again tonight. The wireless router is now working (hooray!) - about 15 things were hung on the walls (hooray!). I have great home teachers and they are married to great women who put up with them being away in the evening to help me. Thank you.

4. I am grateful for homemade chai (without the black tea). Thank you Kelly for sharing. Warm spiced milk reminds me of when I was young and my mother would make us warm milk with a teaspoon of sugar, a splash of vanilla and a shake of nutmeg. Yum.

5. I am grateful for my family. I love them. I wish we could all be together for Thanksgiving but my sisters will be in Salt Lake, two brothers will be home in Idaho and another will be in Southern Utah with his wife's family. Hopefully we will see some of them over Christmas and my parents will be coming in the New Year for Sophie's baptism. I cannot wait.

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  1. that's right, never except no.

    marley has always been such a good kid. i'm still waiting for him to rebel ;)NOT

    you have some really handy home teachers!