Monday, November 16, 2009

Gratitude Day #15

Sunday November 15 (I was grateful and tired last night and the tired won)

1. I am grateful for the primary program. The children knew their songs (even the hard ones) and sang their little hearts out. I am grateful that the program went smoothly and brought the spirit into the room. We have a great group of primary kids. I am grateful my children's Dad came to see the program. Sophie invited him and the three of them were just beaming and giving little waves from the front. Max was typically Max and when he got to the stand he whipped the cheat sheet off the podium and dropped it on the floor before saying his part from memory. Calvin had his pants unzipped the entire time. I am grateful to be able to work on new songs! I made the children thank you treats pictured above for their hard work. The parents loved me.

2. I am grateful for music. Yes, we still listen to Cd's in an old boom box. On Sundays, my favorite CD to listen to is Peace Like a River by the Mormon Tabernacle Choir. This may be my favorite of all of their Cd's. Another favorite for Sundays is the Pride and Prejudice soundtrack. I love this music so much that I even bought the sheet music for the piano. It is deceptively difficult to learn. I'll just stick with the CD for the time being. During the week, we listen to a lot of children's music and musical soundtracks. I am a musical junkie. It comes from my secret regret that I did not run off to NYC to become a Broadway star. Just kidding - I am way too practical a person to have ever considered such a move. If I had the time and the money, I would see every musical that came to the Twin Cities. Sophie has recently become a little music fan and has her own CD player in her room and a collection on girly Cd's from garage sales. She loves to put them on and jump on her bed while singing along at the top of her lungs.

3. I am grateful for NPR. I have been listening to NPR for as long as I can remember. When my spouse was in the car with us, it was always on. Other than classical music or the occasional book on CD, it was the only thing we could agree on. He did not like my musical soundtracks and I did not like his punk?/grudge?/more screaming than actually hitting a note music. My favorite programs on NPR include include Car Talk, The Splendid Table, Wait Wait Don't Tell Me news quiz and the book reviews. NPR allows me to stay somewhat current on what is happening in the world while driving kids here, there and everywhere - very convenient.

4. I am grateful for our upcoming girls night out dinner and a movie party. Last year, we had 23 women when we went to see Twilight together. This year, we have 41 women signed up for dinner and the New Moon movie! It is a lot of people to coordinate, but it is going to be a ton of fun and I can't wait to hang out with all of them! I think I am more excited for the dinner than the movie - but who knows, maybe it will be better than the first. Hopefully I can get someone to bring a nice camera and I'll have some photos to show you next week. The restaurant is roping off a huge section for us and there will be live music as well. I am grateful for all of the women who are helping with the preparations.

5. I am grateful for play dates. Both Sophie and Calvin had little friends at the house on Saturday. Friends are so important, no matter your age.


  1. It was a really great Primary program. I am a music lover myself and when my family drove home, we all agreed it was the music that made the program so sweet. I think we can both agree that music speaks to the heart of people. I know I saw some tears shed when we sang I Am A Child of God.

  2. How about how grateful you are to have a daughter that allows you to dress her in the cutest stuff I've ever seen! Most little girls her age are running around with Hannah Montana Tshirts on. She is so stinkin classy and adorable. btw, We were reading one of the books you sent us and a little handwritten note of Sophie's fell out. It was telling you which pages to check. Super cute.

  3. Hey Shan! I know, the little girls in Hannah Montana and skulls and crossbones just drives me nuts! I want Sophie to stay a little girl for as long as possible because I do not have another one :(

  4. Wow! 41 women for your Twilight party sounds like it will be soooo much fun. (I wish I could be #42 - does that restaurant have any idea what they are in for??) I know you will have a wonderful evening - I'm looking forward to seeing the pictures.

    Love, Aunt Barb