Monday, November 9, 2009

Bad Things Come in Threes

This is my things I am NOT grateful for in the month of November post. If you recall, two weeks ago we had a gas leak, a water pipe leak and got locked out of the house all in one day. After a week of relative calm (for which I am grateful) we have a new group of three calamities.

One: I made three dozen beautiful macaroons for Super Saturday (see recipe below) and as I was loading all of my stuff in the van to leave that morning, I set the macaroons on the roof. Less that a block from my house, the macaroons and glass serving tray went flying off the roof of my van smashing on the road. The funniest part? I did not figure out what had happened until I reached church. I was transporting 300 glass tiles and I assumed the noise was from the tiles crashing together. Oops.

Two: I have a toothache - a throbbing, taking way too much Advil which is now making my stomach hurt, wakes me up in the middle of the night toothache. I never managed to finish my cleaning appointment at Argosy due to my busy schedule and now I need to go and see a real, and therefore expensive dentist to fix my tooth. The worst part? The tooth that hurts has a root canal and a crown on it.

Three: Mice have gotten into the house again. Of the three crappy things, the mice reduced me to tears this week. I cannot stand the idea of little rodents in my house and the idea of finding a mouse in a trap makes me want to vomit. We had mice two years ago and ended up hiring a company to come and seal up the house and set out poison to kill them. I am just barely over the two year warranty. Mice are one of those things that makes me wish I had someone who took care of me. Dealing with rodents is just supposed to be something the man you love handles - and maybe that's why they made me cry. It's been a few days, I've pulled on my big girl panties and I am going to deal with it. Because I have to - and that is just the way it is. I am however, going to ask my not afraid of mice friend to check the traps for me because that, I just cannot do.

So you see, I am not grateful all of the time. Life is not all glitter and glue guns. Even though it is November and I find that posting five things I am grateful for helps me be much more positive about life in general - bad, crappy stuff still happens. Does bad stuff really come in threes? Can I be done for a while?


  1. Here's three positives to your "not so grateful" moments
    One: you are by far the MOST TALENTED baker in the ward, so you actually gave another sister (one of your besties) a chance to shine, so you gotta feel great about that.
    Two: you are ALWAYS so busy, how did you find time to notice your tooth was actually hurting? Hope that feels better soon.
    Three: you have so many people who love you and the kids that you CAN literally pick up that phone and ask folks to do something for you and without hesitation, they will. The mouse traps sounds like a job for ANY guy though = )
    Even if it's not all glitter and glue guns, your attitude to life is so very positive and inspiring!

  2. OK, first of all... don't ever say "panties"' again.

    Secondly, don't use traps. Use the sticky paper. So much more pleasant. The mice run across it and get stuck, not smashed. You just throw the whole thing in the trash.

    We got a cat a few months ago, and haven't had to deal with mice at all since then. Once mice see a cat around, they find somewhere else to live. Can you do a cat?

  3. Hey Shan. I cannot do a cat. I am allergic. I have considered finding a hypoallergenic cat, but I can't do that with the daycare either.