Thursday, November 19, 2009

After School Treat - Pilgrim Hats

These are pretty self-explanatory but loads of fun to make. We used a bag of milk chocolate chips melted in the microwave, oreos and yellow icing in a tube.

You should know: exactly 30 seconds after this photo was taken, Calvin turned with the plate and dropped three of the wet cookies onto the baby and the back of the high chair. It was an impressive mess.


  1. busy busy busy. wow i admire your strength. so here's the part where you find out not all mormon gals bake and do treats well. is there anything under the top part of that hat and if it's just hollow chocolate, how did you get it to stay that way? happy new moon day. i wish you sucess at your GNO party. your day is full of happiness sister.

  2. Hi Jilleesa! The top part is just a big marshmallow dipped into the melted chocolate chips!