Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Gratitude Day #18

Wednesday, November 18

1. I am grateful for our service men who protect our country. The cub scouts had a wonderful pack meeting last night where we learned about respecting the flag from three different branches of the armed forces. They have fascinating stories about serving all over the world.

2. I am grateful for a visiting teacher who picked apples from our apple tree the last time she was here and then brought them back in the form of homemade delicious applesauce. We had it for breakfast this morning - yum!

3. I am grateful for a proud little boy who made it on the Math Olympiad Team today. He was so happy and pleased and asked that I give him a reward for his achievement. When I asked him what he had in mind, he asked for one dollar. I said sure. He's a great kid.

4. I am grateful for learning new things. Yesterday I started felting wool sweaters that I bought all summer at garage sales, and today I made a pin out of them. Gorgeous! I'll show you how to do this very simple craft soon. I hope to make a lot of my Christmas gifts this year and felted wool is a favorite medium right now.

5. I am grateful for potential new clients. I have an interview tomorrow with a perspective daycare family. One little girl part-time two days a week. It would be a blessing to our family. Wish me luck! Tomorrow is going to be insane with 11 kids here throughout the day plus the interview . . . I need sleep.


  1. I don't know how you do everything you do. You never cease to amaze me. Any kid would be lucky to spend their day with you at your house.

  2. i second val.

    so will you be going to a certain midnight showing tonight? have a blast on your ladies' night out. i look forward to your review. i must say i'm not so stoked for this movie as 'new moon' wasn't my favorite of the trilogy. (i mostly choose to ignore the fourth book.)

  3. I am not going to the midnight showing - it's pretty difficult to find a babysitter at that hour! I am much more excited for our dinner party than for the movie - maybe because the first one was not great or maybe because I have not read the books in a long time.