Thursday, November 11, 2010

Graatitude Day #11

#1. I am grateful for little classes. Tonight I attended a Relief Society class on baking pies. We sampled, shared tips and recipes sampled some more. I am grateful for a really, really great group of women in my ward.

#2. I am grateful my Mother taught me to cook. I am grateful that I share that love of cooking with both of my sisters and even one of my brothers. When we actually get together on Thanksgiving, the meal is ridiculous. We all love to cook and try new recipes so we usually have enough food for an army - and we always have at least a pie per person.

#3. I am grateful for our home. We have lived here for over seven years now. I brought Calvin home from the hospital to this house and it has been the perfect place for us. We have a safe, friendly neighborhood, the school is a short walk away and a brand new park was installed just around the corner a few years ago. We are five minutes from our favorite beach and walking trails. We were lucky to get into this home - and I knew at first sight that this was the place after looking at about 25 other homes around the Twin Cities. I will be forever grateful for the people we have met as a result of living here.

#4. I am grateful for perspective. I know that this season and these trials are part of a much larger story.

#5. I am grateful for children who listened tonight - for calm evenings and the quiet solitude when the house sleeps.


  1. Where are you going to be for Thanksgiving this year?

  2. I especialy loved the grateful thought #4. I agree, it puts everything into perspective.