Thursday, November 4, 2010

Gratitude Day #4

#1. I am grateful for teachers. I attended four parent teacher conferences today at our school and I am so grateful to have excellent teachers in my kids' lives. I am grateful they love my children and find them as delightful as I do.

#2. I am grateful for three children who are cuddled up together tonight watching Parent Trap. I am grateful that they get along (most of the time) and enjoy being together.

#3. I am grateful for the end of a long day.

#4. I am grateful for a 12 year old TV that still works. Granted you have to actually walk up and push the buttons on the TV to turn up the volume or find the right channel for the DVD player to work, but it has served us well over the years. One of these days it will die and I will buy us a new one - preferably one that is not two feet deep.

#5. I am grateful for friends who check up on me and encourage me to keep going. This life would be a very lonely place without them. I am grateful to know and call my friends, some really remarkable women.

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  1. :o) Your post makes me think of things I'm grateful for. Thanks for the prompt! :o)