Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Gratitude Day #23

#1. I am grateful that the nice policeman who pulled me over Monday morning did not give me a ticket. My tags are expired on the van. I did not know; I don't ever think about or check my tags. When the renewal comes in the mail, I pay it and when the stickers arrive, I put them on the car. This year, the renewal must have been forwarded to my ex (the car is registered to both of us) who never gave it to me. So, I have to go down to the DMV and take care of it. Thank you policeman for believing me.

#2. I am grateful for the girlfriends I met in line at the opening of Costco. The nice guy handeling our memberships let us sign up one at a time with the first referring the next and so on. By the time I walked inside I had $40 in gift cards for Costco.

#3. I am grateful for grand openings. The kids ate so many samples at Costco that they had no interest in lunch. We only had time to see about 1/3 of the store before having to go and pick up more kids from kindergarten.

#4. I am grateful for eggnog. I am also grateful that it is only available for a limited time every year.

#5. I am grateful for the anticipation of a winter storm tomorrow.

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