Monday, November 15, 2010

Gratitude Day #15

#1. I a grateful for family night at the zoo. I took the kids to see the IMAX Bugs 3D. For $18 we received four tickets to the movie and four big dishes of Cold Stone ice cream - a pretty good deal. Sophie brought along her toy preying mantis and about hyperventilated she was so excited. She proclaimed it to be the best movie ever. It was hysterical to watch the kids reaching out trying to touch the butterflies in the air during the show. At one point this big spider came dropping down and it looked like it was going to land on my nose. Calvin took off his glasses and leaned over to say "It's OK Mom, it's on the screen; it's just on the screen".

#2. I am grateful for my dishwasher and my washer and dryer which have been running most of the day. I am grateful for the furnace which I turned on for the first time today (we have just been using the fireplace). I am grateful to have a warm home this winter season.

#3. I am grateful for our local library. The have done more remodeling in the children's section and the kids were thrilled to play in the new airplane. They wore the pilot hats and made too much noise. It was a quick trip today - return 20 or so books, check out another 30. I love the great variety and how easy it is to request books online. I have a bad habit of requesting too many and not having the time to read them all before having to bring them back.

#4. I am grateful for Trader Joe's. I love that place - have you tried the freeze dried pineapple? Addictive.

#5. I am grateful for my Mom and Dad who call and check up on me and on the kids. I love that my kids call my Dad "Grumpy Grandpa". We miss you and wish we could be there for Thanksgiving!


  1. I love the freeze-dried fruit from Trader Joe's. I haven't tried the pineapple though. The bananas are great for traveling with kids. No mess.

  2. Trader Joe's rocks!(I am also grateful for a dishwasher and washer and dryer. They are old, but they work!) :o)

  3. I laughed out loud at Calvin reassuring you!