Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Preschool Craft - Birds in a Nest

I'm playing catch-up today. It is pouring rain outside so we will be spending our day indoors and hopefully getting a lot done. My "messy desk pile" is overflowing.

This is a craft we did a couple of weeks ago and it is a good one for a young crowd.

Start by cutting paper plates in half. Give each child one half and have them color it brown. You can use crayons, markers or paint - we went with markers and used a mixture of brown, black and yellow. You want to cover the entire plate.

Next, glue the paper plate half to the bottom of a sheet of construction paper turned on its side. Set aside to dry.

In the meantime, we are going to make birds. Cut out some rounded rectangles from different colors of construction paper. Let each child choose three.

Give each child six googly eyes and have them glue them on - you could also just use markers. when working with very young children, I like to make the little dabs of glue and just have them stick the eyes on.

Next give each child six feathers and have them glue them on the sides of their birds. They will also need three triangles (cut from construction paper scraps) to glue on as beaks.

When dry, glue the birds inside their nest and you are done!