Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Gratitude Day #16

#1. I am grateful for my bed. Yesterday started at 5:15am. I ran three miles at the gym (go me!) and started work at 7:00. The last child left at 6:00pm at which time I darted out to the car and drove to my class in a mini snowstorm. Class finished at 9:00, but I had to go to the grocery store, so I finally got home at 10:00pm and still had to do the dishes, pick up the house and put away the groceries. When I am bone tired, the thought of finally sinking down into the warmth of my bed to relax and sleep sounds like the best gift ever. I love my bed - I wish we spent more time together.

#2. I am grateful for another photography class. The teacher whipped through the syllabus at 90 miles an hour but I managed to keep up - at least until the last 10 minutes or so. I need to spend some serious time with my camera this weekend. This class was much more intimidating than the last class and really helped me comprehend how little I know about photography! Also, this class reinforced my theory that photography is a really expensive hobby!

#3. I am grateful for warm soup on a cold day. I have been eating roasted red pepper and tomato soup for breakfast this week (from Trader Joe's). Last night for dinner I boiled up some chicken bones and made chicken tortellini vegetable soup. Somehow soup in winter is very comforting.

#4. I am grateful for the sister in my ward who contacted me yesterday and offered to watch the children during the day tomorrow so I could go to the temple with the RS sisters. I can't leave the daycare kids with anyone not licensed by the state, but it was a very kind thought from one of the many kind sisters in my ward. Thank you May.

#5. I am grateful for sledding. Ever since the snow fell, the kids go out sledding every morning before school and then again after school until it is too dark to see. I am grateful for the neighbors behind me that let them use their hill.

I have an extra one today. I am grateful for babies. The little guy who has been coming here since he was three months old, is now almost 18 months and he is hysterical. This morning his Mom was telling me that they have been finding mice in their house. She looked at the baby and said "What did Mama say when she saw the mouse?" He threw up his hands and screamed "aaaaaaaaagh!" So cute.


  1. You have much to be grateful for. Glad you have good people in your ward. Those soups sound really good!!!!
    p.s. (My kids would give up their XBOX to be able to sled every morning and afternoon!)

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