Thursday, April 29, 2010

Thrify Finds

Some of my favorite finds last week.

Vintage clock in working order - it makes a great tick-tock sound ($5.00).
Little turquoise vase with metal top ($1.00)
Vintage earrings ($0.50)

Vintage child's apron with cats ( I may put this in my shop).

The vase has already been filled with happy, cheerful (and cheap) flowers from Sam's Club and I used the rest of the bouquet above the kitchen sink. I collected these little bottles when we lived in New Hampshire.

Calvin, Bubbles and a Baby

Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Recycled Art - Egg Carton Trees

Another great way to use those egg cartons. We go through two 18 count cartons of eggs per week at least so these supplies are always on hand.

You'll need to start by cutting apart a whole bunch of egg cartons into round little cups. You'll need about 6-8 cups per child.

Give each child a piece of cardboard. We started by painting our backgrounds. I set out different shades of green and blue and had the children paint grass and the sky. Set aside to dry.

Next have the kids paint the egg cups green. Paint both the inside and the outside in different shades of green. Set aside to dry.

Next take the kids on a walk to the park. While there, have them gather twigs from the ground. Each child needs about 4-6 twigs.

When you get home, use a hot glue gun to attach the egg cups and the twigs to the backgrounds and then you have a darling tree!

Spring Art's Night

Last week after work, the kids and I walked over to the school to see the Spring Art's night. Both Max and Sophie had artwork on display in the hallways and Sophie had an additional one in a glass case (a drawing of a preying mantis). It is always so much fun to go and see them show off their art work, because they are so very proud of what they have made.

This year the school used the evening as a fundraiser and each classroom donated gift baskets to be raffled during the evening. I put together the basket for Sophie's classroom this year and also donated a gift basket full of jewelry and hair clips and pins for the silent auction.

The kids favorite part of the evening were the vendors set up outside and the live music playing - their principal even got up to sing a couple of times. The kids snacked on hamburgers, mini donuts and ice cream and visited with their friends before walking home again. Beautiful weather, very fun evening and a successful fundraiser for the school.

Monday, April 26, 2010

It Was Warm Last Week


This week it is raining and chilly and Calvin has been asking for hot cocoa.

Kids Craft - Kites

Start by printing a large diamond shape on white card stock paper. Give each child one sheet.

Cut a bunch of coordinating papers into 4 1/4 X 5 1/2. Have each child choose four different papers to include in their kite.

Turn the diamond side of the paper face down and start gluing the papers on the opposite side - covering the whole sheet.

Pat, pat, pat until all of the edges stay down. Set aside to dry.

In the meantime, use your scraps to cut some bow looking things. Make sure you cut two sheets of paper at a time, so they match up in size. I just freehanded these.

Give each child a length of yard and have them put three paper bow things upside down on the table. Add the yarn on top and then add glue to each bow. Put the matching paper bow on top of the first.

Flip over the card stock and cut out the kites, following the pattern of the printed diamond. Have each child tape their yarn to the back of their kite. Write names and you are done!

Quite a Show

The bears put on quite a show at the zoo last week. The kids were very impressed.

Also high on the coolness scale - the milking demonstration at the farm. And the tractor ride - tractor rides are always cool. This is Calvin's best Mom's taking another photo face.

There are lot of little babies at the zoo right now and it's a great place to get in a good walk. We are headed back this week - Wednesday or Friday if anyone wants to join us.

Saturday, April 24, 2010

Thrify Finds

I found a couple of sweet little finds last week - at a random Wednesday yard sale.

This little rocker is the perfect size for Sophie's American Girl Doll ($2.00)

I debated over this darling cradle for a long time. Technically. Sophie does not need another cradle, but it was so cute and long enough for her American girl doll and it came with the feather bed and pillow. It was listed as $10.00, but when I brought it up the lady running the sale said she was closing soon and I could have it for $5.00 - without me even asking!

Sophie loves them both!