Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Gratitude Day #3

1. I am grateful for the Activity Day program at our church. Sophie adores her twice monthly meetings - they make her feel special and allow her to develop friendships with a lovely little group of young ladies. Tonight they went swimming at an indoor pool.

2. I am grateful for Motherhood and all of the joys it brings into my life. My life is richer, fuller and more meaningful because I have been blessed with the opportunity to be a Mom. I love my children.

3. I am grateful for the hundreds of books in my bedroom. If we are ever quarantined in our homes for months on end, we may run out food and water, but we will never be without something to read to pass the time. I may never have the chance to actually read them all, but they make me happy just knowing they are there.

4. I am grateful for really good grapes at the grocery store today.

5. I am grateful for nice neighbors who stop by and chat while I am outside with the kids and let me borrow their meat thermometer when I find mine has died.

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