Friday, November 5, 2010

Gratitude Day #5

#1. I am grateful for escape. I went on a date tonight with the kids. We escaped to the movies and spent a few hours unwinding from the stresses of the week. We may have had popcorn and candy for dinner. I think I have hit my "candy wall". I'm swearing off sugar for a week.

#2. I am grateful for little girls learning to bake. Sophie and her friend Reagan decided to try a new recipe today and made Mexican Hot Chocolate cookies. They did everything all by themselves and the cookies are delicious. See note above about the subsequent sugar fast.

#3. I am grateful for Lego League. Max's school just started a group this year and tomorrow is their first practice competition. Max seems to love the group and find it challenging which is great!

#4. I am grateful for the young man who mows my lawn. I have been paying him (and now his younger brother at times) to mow our 1/3 acre lawn for the past six years. Worth every penny because it is one less thing I have to worry about.

#5. I am grateful for the internet. I use it every day for work, for ideas and recipes, the news, for catching clips of TV, for paying bills, for reconnecting with friends and for making new friends. I use it to prepare my lessons on Sunday and I use it to blog and stay connected with my family and friends who are far away.