Thursday, August 30, 2007


We stayed the next two nights at Fish Creek Campground. Dad and Mom bought Bryan a 5 man tent for his birthday so we broke it in on this trip! Our kids had never been camping before - how sad is that? I can't say that I am much of a camper, but we had a lot of fun and I must say I enjoyed the experience though I was really ready for a shower and a shave the next day!

We shared a campground with Jason and Amber. Scott was on the other side of us and Mom and Dad on the other. We were not allowed to light any fires in Glacier due the the high risk of wildfires so no smores for us! The kids kept bundled up - especially in the mornings and very dirty playing in the woods!

This was Sophie's hiking stick she found. She cried when we told her she could not bring it in the car!

This is what we looked like after two days of camping - a bit tired perhaps?

Baby Soren bundled up against the cold. Ross and Heather stayed at a nearby hotel while we camped to keep Soren out of the cold.

This is our new tent. Thanks Mom and Dad!

Jason, Phoebe, Amber and Jacob. Jacob was recovering from strep throat the entire trip.

Amber has lost something like 40 pounds on Weight Watchers! Doesn't she look great?!

Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Trail of the Cedars

We met up with Dad for a quick walk through the Trail of the Cedars before heading to our campsite. It is a wonderful old growth forest with a boardwalk running through it for visitors. The kids were so happy to see their cousins again!

These photos make me laugh! It is so hard to get all of the grandkids (except little Soren) to smile at the same time!

Grizzly Bear faces!

Which one is not like the others?
Jacob and Calvin look so much alike and yet are polar opposites in their coloring. They both have the longest eyelashes ever!

Going to the Sun Road

The Going to the Sun Road is called the most beautiful road in North America. It winds along the cliffs of amazing mountains and glaciers and crosses the entire width of Glacier National Park.
We stopped at the Logan Pass Visitors Center and climbed the boardwalk until we had an amazing expansive view of the surrounding cliffs. It truly is a beautiful place!

That is the visitors center in the background. It was a long hike up hundreds of steps and Calvin was tired from his hike that morning. He kept saying "I being a snake dad"

Finally, he just gave up.
Bighorn Sheep

At the end of the steps we ran into my brother and sisters coming down from the lake above.

This guy walked next to us the entire way down from the mountain.

Jackson Glacier

Tuesday, August 28, 2007

St. Mary Falls, Virginia Falls

On Thursday morning we drove the "Going to the Sun Road". We started with a hike to St. Mary and Virginia Falls. Though it was 3.6 miles round-trip, we did not have to carry Calvin at all! He was such a trooper and ran most of the way!