Sunday, November 21, 2010

Gratitude Day #20

#1. I am so very grateful for 12 hours of sleep. Yes, you read that right.

#2. I am grateful for Saturdays with nothing written on the calendar. We enjoyed a lazy Saturday morning, I chatted on the phone and cleaned while the kids played on the Wii. I actually managed to get to the gym and run and if that meant I did not get showered and dressed for the day until 3:00, oh well.

#3. I am grateful for fun adventures with just my children. We finally hopped in the car and left the house late in the afternoon in search of fun. We were planning on going to the Macy's display "A Day in the Life of an Elf" in Minneapolis, but the GPS took us to the Macy's in St. Paul instead. We took advantage of the mistake and popped into Candyland for dessert before dinner. Max tried some squirrel poop (peanut butter candy), Sophie got a little bag of candy rocks and Calvin opted for the chocolate covered animal crackers. We then climbed back into the car and drove to Minneapolis for the Elf display. It was very cute and I recommend you go, but try and go on an off time. We had no wait but in previous years have had to wait for over an hour just to get in. After writing and mailing letters to Santa, we walked back to our car and drove to our favorite hole in the wall Vietnamese restaurant - Jasmine Deli. We drove home full and happy.

#4. I am grateful for Christmas anticipation. Calvin was in my bed this morning when I woke up and the first words out of his mouth were "Mom, how many days until Santa comes?" He then came downstairs and made a chart with the number of days until Christmas Eve. The holidays are so much more enjoyable with children in the house.

#5. I am grateful for my lesson this week. We are studying Ezekiel and the lesson touches on repentance, making … a new heart and a new spirit. Ezekiel also teaches that all are responsible for their own sins. Children will not be punished for the evil actions of the parents, nor the parents punished for their children’s sins. The lesson also touches on our charge to act as watchmen and shepherds (to strengthen, heal and feed) of the fold. There is far too much to cover in a hour, but it has been a very interesting and uplifting lesson to prepare.

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