Saturday, November 13, 2010

Welcome Winter, We've Been Expecting You

We woke up this morning to a winter wonderland. Big, fluffy wet flakes of snow coated the ground and cascaded down from the sky. The kids came barreling into my room before 8:00 in the morning - on a Saturday, to announce the change in the weather.

I have no idea how many inches fell today. It is 5:00 and I think it has finally stopped. The snowplows have not come and the roads look dangerous. It took an hour or so to shovel the driveway and walk and to move most of the outdoor toys under the deck. By that time, all of my clothes were sopping wet. The snow is really heavy - perfect for snow forts and snowmen.

This was several hours ago when I could see the driveway. The sleds are out and the kids spent an hour or so sliding down the hill in the back. It is definitely winter around here!


  1. Looks like fun - wet, cold, but fun!

    Please tell me - what are those red things?

  2. They are just berries on a tree in my front yard. They stay bright red all winter and then drop off in the spring.

  3. Oh, so pretty! Although, I hope y'all get a break in your cold spell- or it might be a long winter. ;) Beautiful pictures. Makes me hope for some snow when we get up to Chicago for Christmas this year. Fingers crossed.