Sunday, November 14, 2010

Gratitude Day #13

#1. I am grateful for the first snow of the season. I am grateful for how it transforms the dreary end of fall brown landscape into a winter wonderland. I love looking outside to see the snow before anyone has walked in it or driven their car through the cul-de-sac. It is magical.

#2. I am grateful for little snow helpers. The kids pulled out their little snow shovels and helped me clear the driveway and the walks and my neighbor came over and pitched in help finish moving the heavy snow. All of the neighbors were out yesterday with shovels and snowblowers. I think we ended up with about 11 inches of wet, heavy snow. The kids spent several hours making their marks in the new snow - snow forts, snow angels, snow shoeing, sledding and a lot of snowballs.

#3. I am grateful for the storm which forced us to make Saturday a lazy day. The snowplows did not get to our neighborhood during the day which meant I had no desire to tackle the slick roads. Instead, we turned on the fireplace, read books, watched movies and ate soup for most of the day. I did end up braving the roads in the evening in order to get to the grocery store but as soon as I got home, I slipped back into flannel pajamas and slippers!

#4. I am grateful for wish lists. At this time of year it is so easy to reply "put it on your wish list" when the kids ask for some new thing. They pour over their wish lists, they change items, they debate, they get excited and yet they understand that wish lists are just wishes. I believe wish lists should be both practical and impractical. My sister has had a $12,000.00 grand piano on her wish list for many years. Somehow Santa has not managed to fit it into her stocking yet.

#5. I am grateful for the guy on facebook who uploads full episodes of Glee and SYTYCD. Thanks Clarence. Sophie and I love to watch our favorite dance numbers over and over - like this one and this one too.

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