Friday, April 23, 2010

Kids Craft - Umbrellas

An appropriate little craft for this weekend as it is supposed to rain, rain, rain.

Start by giving each child a piece of white card stock. Roughly draw the shape of an umbrella
on the paper. Have each child paint the umbrella with different shades of yellow. Set aside to dry.

Take an old book and draw big raindrops on the pages (ours was a Happy Potter book that fell apart after too many readings!). Have the kids cut them out.

When the paint is dry, cut out the shape of an umbrella - and now it's time to assemble.

Give each child a piece of blue paper, a pipe cleaner and a bottle of glue and start putting it all together. The pipe cleaner will stick best if you use a lot of glue and then do not push on it - just let it sit until dry.

Any now you're done! My flowers are going to love the rain this weekend. They'd love me more if I could get outside to weed!

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