Monday, November 8, 2010

Turkey Craft

Here is an easy little turkey craft for November. We made these with kids ages 3-10 with the older kids helping the younger (Yes, Calvin is in his pajamas. There was no school Thursday or Friday and he stayed in those pajamas for 48 hours - and had a great time.)

Start with a paper plate and three colors of paint - red, orange and yellow. Have the kids paint their plates however they want - the sample I showed them looked like a rainbow. Set aside to dry.

Cut feathers form cardstock - you want to use a heavier paper than construction paper. Give each child 5 feathers and ask them to write things they are grateful for on the small end of each feather.

Have each child choose a plastic lid, two googly eyes and a triangle for the beak (I had some wooden triangles from another project so we used those). Make your face inside the lid.

When the plates are dry, flip them over and glue the feathers to the underside of the plate, flip over again and glue the lid/face to the front of the plate.

When everything is dry, glue another plate to the back - or if you happen to have giant pixie sticks left over from Halloween like I do, hot glue a pixie stick to the back of your painted plate before adding the second plate.

I call it turkey on a stick.

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  1. Great turkey! you have the best crafts for your daycare kids!