Friday, December 3, 2010

Recipe: Nutella Cheesecake

Nutella Cheesecake - I know, ridiculous. Why hasn't someone come up with this before?

I made two of these beauties for the Relief Society Christmas dinner last night and they were really, really delicious!

Be prepared for a lot of licking of the bowls and sneaking spoonfuls of Nutella while making this recipe.

I found the recipe on this site (I have made many, many of her recipes and have always been thrilled with the results). I would make one small change in the recipe. There is too much butter in the crust. Instead of half a cup, I would substitute something like 3T. Just enough to make the crumbs wet - not so much as to make a paste.

The flavor is excellent, the texture is beautiful, the presentation is . . . well, look at it!

Hey! There's a photo of the slice I ate today for lunch!

To see the recipe on Cream Puffs in Venice, click here.


  1. I am so making this over Christmas break!!! Thanks for the heads up!
    (p.s. Taran is getting remarried. I'm happy for him. She is really nice.)