Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Gratitude Day #21

#1. I am grateful we were able to get home Saturday night before the ice storm. Several of our friends ended up stranded as the roads quickly became impassable. One of my daycare parents was up in the cites and could not get home until 4am. We were tucked into bed long before that time.

#2. I am grateful for the rain which melted the ice on Sunday. By the time we left for church in the afternoon, the roads were fine. The morning ward was canceled. I had spent so much time on my lesson and had baked two pans of pumpkin chocolate chip bars for my class so I was happy to see the classroom so full for Gospel Doctrine.

#3. I am grateful for the interviews I had Sunday night. I may be adding a new child or two as I have lost a couple lately due to changes in their families. I have two Mothers of current children who recently lost their jobs and I am grateful their children are still coming to daycare. I am grateful for my employment and the income it generates to support us.

#4. I am grateful for warm slippers.

#5. I am grateful for giggling children. Calvin makes us all laugh.

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