Sunday, December 14, 2008

Ward Christmas Festivities

Our ward has a serious overachiever in charge of the activities committee (I'm talking about you Brother Backer) and so we had another amazingly well planned, fun Christmas party. I was the director of the Christmas skit and arrived to find a professional stage, lighting equipment and sound system along with a beautiful hanging window with working electric candles - wow. Everything went well, the dinner and desserts were yummy (you would not believe how much food Calvin packed away in his little body) - we had a sing-a-long and of course, a visit from Santa. We have a lovely ward - so many good, kind people.

Remember last Sunday, how Calvin was afraid of Santa and would not go anywhere near him? Last night, he lit up like a spotlight when he saw Santa walk into the room. He jumped up and got into the line to tell Santa all of his Christmas wishes. He looked over at me and said "I'm going to tell Santa I want lots of things" - and he did. He talked and he talked and he waved his hands around and was very pleased with himself.

Max saw Santa as well - mom just was not fast enough to get a photo. Sophie would not tell me what she asked Santa for - it's a secret.

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