Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Christmas Morning 2008

We had a late start on Christmas morning, but once the kids came downstairs, the calm was over!
Santa does not wrap gifts at our house, so each child has their own little pile of presents to open. This year, Santa brought a lot of used books from Half-price bookstore (coincidentally, one of mommy's favorite places to shop!). Each child also received a pair of shoes and a DVD.

After playing with their Santa gifts, the kids open their stockings. This year a very kind elf friend of Santa filled the kids stockings with little toys and trinkets and candy. They all loved the silly string the very best! There is always a special coin in the toe of each Christmas stocking - this year it was a gold dollar coin - not to be mistaken with the chocolate gold coins!

We have a tradition of sitting in the family room in front of the fire with Christmas music playing in the background while we open gifts. We all come down in our pajamas with bed hair and sleepy eyes - thus the lack of photos of the parents! The children take turns running into the living room for a gift which they then open in front of everyone. Mommy has a rule that the paper has to be picked up before the next gift is open, and Bryan writes down who the gifts were from for thank-you notes.

Favorite gifts this year:

Sophie - a "fur-real" kitty from her cousin Gregory. She calls her "cutie". It purrs and slurps.

Calvin - Tom and Jerry Blast off to Mars DVD, Wall-E DVD.

Max - Diary of a Wimpy Kid from cousin Haley and a box of Tic Tacs from his Dad. This is one of my favorite Christmas moments. Max is reading his new book while opening another gift. He could not tear himself away and had the book read before we were finished with the gifts.

Bryan - new running pants from G&G Johnson
Stacey - Cranford DVD from Bryan

We almost made it through Christmas without any electronics. But, then we went over to Susan's house and Gregory gave Max a Pokemon game thing which then became his favorite gift. Then, the day after Christmas, my evil sister and the kids new favorite aunt, Koo's package arrived. She sent these big remote control cars - one for each child. I do not like her right now.

After the gifts were opened, I went into the kitchen and made an egg/sausage casserole for breakfast. As soon as it was in the oven, I went to bed! After a nice nap, I got up and Bryan headed off for a nap. Calvin's Christmas Eve antics had completely wiped us out.

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