Saturday, December 6, 2008

Favorite Things

Today, the pumpkin turkey finally came off the porch. I actually tried to throw the pumpkins away last week, but they were frozen to the dirt in the pots and even lifting the pots and then dropping them on the ground did not knock them loose. Bryan won the battle today and our house no longer has Thanksgiving decorations on the porch and Christmas wreaths on the garage.

We have been decorating for Christmas and on Thursday night, the kids decorated their own trees for their rooms. Sophie's is pink and purple and she fills it with princess ornaments and hello kitty trinkets. Max and Calvin have a green one which is filled with Star Wars and cowboy ornaments as well as homemade crafts from school and primary. We let them use them as night lights in their rooms throughout the month of December.

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  1. this is one of the best christmas traditions i have seen.. my girls have a little tree in their room for the first time, but it doesnt have lights.. i think it is gorgeous they do girly/boy stuff on their trees (and it helps you keep your tree the way you want)