Monday, December 22, 2008

Views from my window - the back window

It did not snow on Sunday. Church was not canceled though my sister Koo had her church canceled for the second week in a row. Bunch of pansies up there in Oregon. Here in Minnesota, instead of snowing, the temperature dropped below zero and has stubbornly stayed there, and the wind picked up and is blowing the snow all over the place. I've decided shoveling is an exercise in futility and I am giving it up for Lent. If you are planning on stopping by my house, you might want to wear snow boots.


  1. Did you like "Heart in the Right Place"?
    Just checking.
    I wrote it.

  2. Yes, I did enjoy it very much. I actually read it several months ago and have since passed on the recommendation to several friends. It was chosen for our book club this month so we will be discussing it in January.

  3. holy smokes that's a lot of snow! we got about a foot and had our last two hours of church canceled. i thought for sure yours would have been canceled. sorry!

  4. That is a great picture, I love it! I feel like I need giant snow boots just to walk a few feet out to my car because it is up to my knees! Everywhere I go I am covered in snow. At the mall the other day, a guy asked if I'd gotten in a snowball fight. Nope, just walking from the car to the building!
    I feel your pain, church was not cancelled for us either. It hasn't been cancelled in 4 years!

  5. That wouldn't have been Friday Rachael, would it?? That was pretty bad. You couldn't step outside without looking as it you'd been in a really bad snowball fight, or looking as if you'd made a lot of snow angels. That was the question I got a lot of on Friday. By the time I would be ready to get in my car after cleaning it off I was covered! I shook myself and brushed at myself but I was still covered, so I ended up with wet seats! I told John that I would drive home so he wouldn't have to sit in my wet seat. Of course by the time we were able to go anywhere the seat was dry. We have spent a lot of our time plowing, shoveling and snowblowing. I hear there is more coming too!