Sunday, December 14, 2008

Sophie's Gingerbread Creation

I joined Sophie in first grade last week for the annual gingerbread house activity. I remember attending this same even with Max a few years ago. Sophie worked very hard on her little house and then had to save it from Calvin when we got home. Calvin thinks you should actually eat candy - not make houses out of it!

Her class - full of parents and graham crackers and candy. Every time someone rand a bell, the kids were allowed to eat a piece of candy. Sophie took these instructions very seriously.

You should know that her hair is long enough for braids. Oh happy day!

Sophie and her cute friend Gemma.

The house in all it's glory.

That is an ice skating rink around back in case you are wondering.


  1. Very cute gingerbread house! And I absolutely love the hair! I would do my own hair like that every day.