Monday, December 22, 2008

Christmas Traditions

Every year right after Thanksgiving, we pull out the Christmas decorations. In one of the many, many bins, I store the Christmas books. We have been collecting Christmas books for years - most have been gifts or bought in the January Christmas clearance sections. Because they are stashed away for 11 months of the year, during the month of December, the kids devour them.

We are holed up at home today avoiding the cold outdoors, and the kids have been alternating between reading, legos, dancing to Christmas music, eating peanut butter fudge and playing payday. It feels like we have all settled in for a long winters nap.


  1. sounds divine; i wish i could do that every day over the holiday - but i'm afraid some family visits are in order. i have a box of christmas books too.

  2. They look so cozy! Although I don't know how they can stand it with no socks on! I'm freezing just looking at their feet, maybe because my feet are always chilled to the bone.
    I've got a nice stack of Christmas books as well, but no time or kids to enjoy them.