Saturday, December 13, 2008

How is it possibly Saturday, and who stole Wednesday through Friday?!

I lost three days this week. I do not know here they went, but I would like them back please. Today I am feeling frantic and overwhelmed and several of my fingers are stuck together from some very powerful spray adhesive. My meringue cookies decided not to beat into frothy peaks and had to be tossed. My kitchen is over-run with Christmas gift craft projects and wrapping paper and the entire floor is covered with the contents of the pantry which this morning decided it no longer cared to stay in one piece, breaking apart and making a situation where the shelves no longer fit in the pantry because the pantry spontaneously decided to get larger.


I am done with my little holiday rant. I did actually accomplish a lot today - not the Christmas cards - but other Christmas stuff. I am off to the ward Christmas party with a smile on my face, bearing loads of Christmas cheer and coconut macaroons, instead of meringues.

Here are some happy shots of kids who are not Scrooge-like at all . . . well, except for Calvin in that first photo!

This was not a very cheerful post - I'll report on Sophie's theatrical triumph in the Gingerbread Baby 1st grade play tomorrow!

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