Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Sophie's Theatrical Debut

Sophie had her theatrical debut last week playing the narrator in her class production of "Gingerbread Baby". She told me that lucky Lydia was cast as the gingerbread baby, but that her role was the most important because it was her job to keep the whole play moving right along. The play was adorable (better than anything my elementary school put on) and Sophie was a triumph. She read like a professional with expression, much eye contact and her adorable slightly weird Bostonian-like accent. She received many compliments and claimed not to have been nervous at all.

A tiny clip for you viewing pleasure:


  1. absolutely darling!!! she did do a fantastic job - clear and expressive. why were there so many people talking in the background? i understand there might have been little kids there, but that sounded like adults talking to me. don't people know to be quiet during a production?

  2. She sounds like a pro and looks adorable in that dress with her hair all done up. And I love her funny little accent! Great job Sophie!