Friday, December 19, 2008

I am Done

Yesterday, the last two packages were mailed . . .

and the Christmas cards were sent. I sent them with my friendly mailman because the guy at the post office said he was going to charge me another 20 cents a card because they are "lumpy" - they have a pearl on them. I'm hoping they'll just deliver them in the holiday rush, but, if your card comes postage due, just smile and pay the guy two dimes and really, really enjoy that pearl embellishment.

I sent these for the preschool teachers (handmade cards and envelopes) . . .

. . . and these for the classroom teachers - don't look too close because I made some of these for family as well.

So, I am done. Everything is sent and wrapped and ready. I am skipping the huge cookie bake-a-thon this year in favor of less stress. I am making some treats tomorrow for the neighbors, but not on the scale that I normally do in December. My only ambition at this point is to sit in front of the fireplace in my Christmas flannel pajamas (which I wore all day yesterday - even to preschool) with a mug of cocoa and a good book - maybe watch some Christmas movies with the kids. And next year, next year I am going to be done earlier so I can really enjoy the season.


  1. Wow, everything looks beautiful! You did so much. I haven't even begun yet. We have a tree, not decorated. And I just bought my first few gifts yesterday. I'm definitely hoping next year I can get an earlier start too.

  2. hooray for you!!! i ditto rachael. everything looks beautiful. hope you soaking it all in and living in the jammies (especially with all this snow - i believe you guys have it too. must be your 10th or so, but it's our first snowstorm of the season.)

  3. I just got my cards out yesterday! Good for you. Enjoy that hot cocoa!