Monday, December 1, 2008

Christmas Gift Spoiler - Nieces, look away now!

Kelly came over on Saturday night and we made little clips until the wee hours of the morning. Never mind that the house was being destroyed around us by our five children, we were determined to make a dent in the list of Christmas gifts we want to make this year. So, if you are one of my 5 nieces or the mother of a sweet little girl in my life, look away now!

The clips are made from wool felt, fabrics, covered buttons, ribbon, non-slip stuff and some amazing vintage buttons from my time in New Hampshire - and lots of hot glue.


  1. The clips looks great! Wow you guys made a ton of them. Good Job.

  2. Those hair clips are so cute - your recipients are very lucky. The cutest part though, is that 'hair model' - Adorable!


    Aunt Barb

  3. love them. they are so cute!!

  4. Stacey - those are the cutest hair clips! Post a how-to tutorial in all your spare time, would you? :) Sophie is quite the little model.