Friday, December 19, 2008

Cookie Experiments

These are from a week or so ago when I needed some thank-you cookies. I've needed a lot of thank you cookies lately.

These are almond fruit bars. They only make an 8-inch square pan, so I made two sets instead of doubling the recipe. I used a seedless raspberry jam as the filling. Overall, they are pretty and tasty, but I thought they needed more almond. If I made them again, I would add some almond extract to the crust.

These are black-bottom coconut bars. Again, the recipe makes a 9-inch square pan and they are easy to lift out of the pan (I sprayed mine with Pam with flour prior to baking). They were a big hit - very rich and chewy.

I also made a batch of pumpkin chocolate-chip squares. I have no recipe as I literally pulled them out of the oven and handed them off to a friend. She assures me they were delicious and they certainly smelled good!

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  1. Those sound so yummy! My mom made these lemony shortbread cookies with the jam in the center of each that were the tastiest little things I have ever had. You would probably love them. I'll have to post the recipe sometime. Thanks for sharing all your wonderful recipes!