Friday, December 5, 2008

Views from my window - Wednesday

It's starting to look like a real winter around here. On Tuesday evening, it started snowing (the roads were a MESS due to the ice under the snow) and we woke up to our first winter wonderland. Calvin looked out the window, announced it was Christmas and asked if he could open his present!

The kids walking home from school.

Sophie could not resist making a few snow angels in the virgin snow.

And this is where the kids are right now. The first snow pile of the season.


  1. I love your blog. You always have cute things going on and are always doing some fun craft or making some yummy treat!

  2. In the picture of Max and Sophie walking home from school, they don't quite look like they know which way they're going! Anyway, seems like a nice good layering of snow. Looks pretty much like our early winters and just keeps piling up from there. Snow always helps me get in the Christmas mode. Although, we realized the past several years have been snowy on and around Thanksgiving and not so much for Christmas. Strange. Good luck shoveling.

  3. Since the snow has come, Andrew also has been asking if it is Christmas today..and can we open presents. I guess it is time to get a count down going to avoid any future confusion. : )