Monday, December 8, 2008

Funny things kids say

Overheard in the car this morning:
(BTW, the birthday party theme and whose invited is a constant, ongoing conversation between Natalie and Sophie. It is the first thing they yell at each other when one is mad at the other - "well, you are NOT INVITED to my birthday party anymore!!" It does not matter that said birthday can be 11 months away.)

Natalie: This year for my birthday I am having an American Girl Doll Party at the new American Girl Doll store. Emily said I could invite everyone who has a doll to come. Johnny, don't worry, you can come too.

Sophie: I thought you were having a Build-A-Bear Party?

Natalie: Oh, yeah, maybe I'll do that for when I am six.

Sophie: (BIG SIGH) Oh Natalie, you cannot even begin to imagine how difficult it is to be six!

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  1. I can totally picture Sophie saying that. That girl has got quite the personality.