Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Sexy Mommy Diet Day Four

I'm calling today "Personal Chef Susan Day". Every single meal came from Susan and my tummy thanks her.

Susan dropped by at 6:15 this morning after working out at the gym (go Susan!). I was already up because: I went to bed at midnight, someone turned the air conditioner off so it was hot upstairs (I HATE being hot when I sleep), the printer in my room started printing a document at 3:30am (I had sent the document to the printer before I went to bed), both Sophie and Max had nightmares during the night and Sophie came and climbed in bed with me, at some point after that Calvin came and climbed in on the other side, they both snuggled up as close as humanly possible so I was squished and sweating - oh, and Calvin was naked. I figured sleep was highly overrated at that point.

I gave Susan some of my salmon salad last night that I have been eating and she brought over some delicious things she has been making.

For breakfast I had a slice of her egg and vegetable strata with red grapes and a glass of crystal light - I'll ask her to share the recipe.

For lunch I had chicken from a rotisserie chicken, green beans (because they are easy for the baby to eat and I had opened a can for him) and quinoa salad on spinach leaves.

For dinner, I pulled out a lentil vegi burger that Susan had made a while ago and I had tucked away in the freezer. I toasted a sandwich thin and spread one wedge of the garlic herb laughing cow light cheese stuff and added tomatoes and spinach. This was my favorite thing of the day - really filling and delicious.

Thank heavens for food all ready to go. I planned on cooking this afternoon, but the baby did not feel like napping for very long so the laundry got done and the cooking did not. We did take a walk over to the school this morning to watch Sophie at track and field day so that was my tiny bit of exercise for the day. Today was a two cans of Diet Coke day - must have been the lack of sleep!


  1. Your intake of spinach astounds me! :) Keep up the good work!

  2. The sleeping bit sounds tiring, but well done on the great food side of it!