Thursday, May 20, 2010

Sun Craft

Supplies: glue, small paper plate, markers, stapler, tissue paper

Give each child two small paper plates turned upside down. Have the children color them to look like the sun. I set out yellow, orange and red markers.

Cut small squares of tissue paper in red, orange and yellow. We tried to use paper scraps, but they really do not stick well. Have the children squish the tissue paper, dip it in glue and then stick it to their plates. Repeat until plates are covered.

While the kids are gluing, cut out sun shapes from craft paper. I found a sun template online but it was too small (you want it to be larger than your plates by at least 2 inches on each side) so I used the template, but cut far away from the lines. Each child will need two.

When your plates are dry, you should have two covered plates and two craft paper suns.

Layer the paper suns and place one plate on top. Pick up the pile, line up the other plate on the back and then staple them together.

A two sided little sun! If we were to make these again, I would add some string or yarn to hang them in the window.

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